Wooden fighters of World War II – the Heinkel He 162 (II)

More information about the development of the wood constructed Luftwaffe fighter, the Heinkel He 162 (II); plus armament options as well as unorthodox plans for further development of the fighter in the face of increasing desperation of the Third Reich.

First-generation ‘modern’ monoplane fighters – The French Dewoitine D.500 series

A history of the French Dewoitine D.500 monoplane fighter series which was designed in the 1930s to be a replacement for the Nieuport-Delage Ni-D.62 series, including specifications.

Operation ‘Menace’ – The British and Free French Attempt To Take Dakar

An account of Operation ‘Menace’, the unsuccessful British and Free French attempt to take the port of Dakar in French West Africa (now Senegal) in August-September 1940. With details of the military forces, cruisers, destroyers and other equipment involved.