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  1. Great site!
    My dad was on the Sheffield in late ’43. Then on the Crane.
    I went to Bootle Town Hall to look at the Council Chamber’s display of pennants and battle ensigns from the 2nd Escort group of JF Walker, they are incredible to see, including the only General Chase order hoisted since Drake pursued the Spanish up the Channel.
    He would have been so pleased to see your work on these ships.
    I was also looking for dates when the Sheffield visited Barbados in the ’50’s, can you advise?
    The photos you have are excellent too.
    Frank Johnson

  2. Hi,
    I have inherited a propeller made into a clock by my grandfather from the raf in ww2, and I am trying to find out where the propeller is from, as he joined the raf in the 30s I think it may be from a bulldog of the 3rd squad? it is wood with brass edging I think, can you help.
    Cheers Dave.

  3. What is the Freon used to cool Redeye missile? Is it still readily available? Where is a good place to look for the Freon coolant Thanks.

  4. Dear Sir,
    We are looking for a 20mm CIWS Phalanx (215,745/so) supplier, end-user is Korean Navy.
    Your kind cooperation on this item would be highly appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Paul Chang

  5. Is this the Christopher Chant who wrote “Cantigny 1918”, War Monthly, Issue 30, (1976)?

    1. I believe that I am, but fading memory precludes me from any fully positive or negative assertion!

      I do recall that I wrote for War Monthly on occasion, and I have written a number of armour-related items.

      Best wishes,

      Chris Chant

  6. Mr. Chant:

    Just wondering when will you update The Handbook on British Regiments?
    Due to the amalgamations and disbands, dissolves, and new chains of commands and assignments, it’s all confusing now.

    Thanks and I look forward to the update.


  7. Dear Sir,

    I am reading your book on Special Forces published in 2012.
    I have certain questions on this book, i request you to answer them.

    1. What made you write to write book on special forces?
    2. how long did you take to write this book?
    3. which is the best special force in world?

    Thanks and regards
    Achuth K S

  8. Chris, My father james b pinson jr was a b-17 pilot stationed primarily at Deopham Green in England from mar 1944 to to dec 1944. He flew 30 missions ending on 14 sept 1944, yet he stayed in theater until Dec 1944. His flight engineer who is still alive says they volunteered for an Aphrodite mission the target was a bridge on the Rhine river. They baled out near the target and were captured by the germans, subsequently escaped and returned to the american lines in France several weeks later. I can find no documentation confirming this. Can you help?

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