Operation ‘U’ – The Japanese attempt to take Imphal and Kohima

A history of Operation ‘U’, the Japanese offensive against Imphal and Kohima in north-east India in 1944, with details of the major battles and consequences for the Japanese as well as the Allies.

Operation ‘Morgenluft’ – The Battle of the Kasserine Pass

Operation ‘Morgenluft’ was a German operation in southern Tunisia undertaken in concert with ‘Frühlingswind’, slightly farther to the north, on 15/22 February 1943. The operation was designed firstly to check the anticipated link of Lieutenant General K. A. N. Anderson’s Allied 1st Army and General Sir Bernard Montgomery’s British 8th Army, an event which would …

Operation ‘Rheinübung’ – a German naval foray into the North Atlantic and the loss of the battleship Bismarck

An account of the Operation Rheinübung, the German sortie into the north Atlantic during WWII, and the sinking of the battleship Bismarck.