Operation ‘Compass’ – The first major Allied victory of the War in the Western Desert

An account of Operation ‘Compass’ – the first major Allied victory in the Western Desert in North Africa during WWII – with details of accomplishments on the battle field as well as British and Italian losses.

Operation ‘Supercharge’ – The Breakout from El Alamein

An account of the ‘Operation Supercharge’, the 2nd Battle of El Alamein of November 1942 in which British and Commonwealth forces, led by Lieutenant General B. L. Montgomery’s 8th Army, defeated German and Italian forces under Rommel.

‘Longsuit’ and the Bloody Battle for Tarawa

A detailed account of the battle by American forces to reclaim the Tarawa atoll in the Gilbert Islands from Japanese control during World War II – as part of a bigger plan to reclaim Japanese-seized areas of the South-West Pacific and the Central Pacific.