The Japanese conquest of Timor (II)

Switch to guerrilla tactics By the end of February, the Japanese were in control of most of Dutch Timor and the area round Dili in the north-east. The Australians remained in the island’s south and east, however. The 2/2nd Independent Company was trained for stay-behind operations and had its own engineers and signallers, although it …

The Japanese conquest of Timor (I)

The Battle of Timor resulted in the Japanese seizure of the island of Timor, on which the colonial powers were the Netherlands and Portugal, to the north-west of Darwin in the Australian Northern Territory. The Japanese invaded the island on 20 February 1942 and were resisted by a small Allied force. This Sparrow Force comprised …

The Japanese conquest of Hong Kong

At the beginning of World War II, Hong Kong was a British possession on the south-west coast of China to the south-east of Canton in the Pearl River estuary. The Chinese had ceded Victoria island to the UK at the end of the 1st Opium War (1839/42), and the New Territories on the mainland were …

Operation ‘U’ – The Japanese attempt to take Imphal and Kohima

A history of Operation ‘U’, the Japanese offensive against Imphal and Kohima in north-east India in 1944, with details of the major battles and consequences for the Japanese as well as the Allies.

Operations ‘Brewer’ & ‘Beefsteak’ – closing the door on the Japanese base areas of Rabaul and Kavieng

An account of the two US army operations ‘brewer’ and ‘beefsteak’, led against the Japanese during World War II.